Still using Yahoo?

You shouldn't. You shouldn't even send email to a Yahoo address, if you can avoid it.

Yahoo has agreed that email content will only be "sent to servers for analysis for advertising purposes after a Yahoo Mail user can access the email in his or her inbox." Yahoo previously scanned all incoming and outgoing emails.

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Welcome to the nanny state

I don't live in Australia anymore but having travelled extensively it is, by quite a margin, the most prohibitive developed country in the world in terms of restrictions on individual activity. By that I mean it is the world's largest nanny state. Take the following:

  • Only last year did South Australia remove a law that
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Wrong for 35 years

I linked to a great short video on China by Tyler Cowan the other day which summarised some of the key structural problems that China is trying to resolve today. Many of those problems are the result of past policy, namely the stimulus in 2009/10 that "saved" its own economy from recession (and many

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